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Shower and Tub Drain Clearing: When to Call the Professionals

A relaxing bath or refreshing shower grinds to a halt when bath and shower drains clog. Soap scum and hair buildup are common culprits that gradually slow water drainage from tubs and showers. Partial clogs cause annoying gurgling noises and standing water that takes ages to drain out. But a fully blocked drain can lead to flooded bathrooms, water damage, and unhealthy mold growth.

Instead of struggling with DIY drain cleaners, trust the expert plumbers at Action Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning to handle shower and tub drain clearing in Endicott, NY. Their commercial grade equipment can clear even severe clogs and prevent future blockages.

Read on to learn what causes sluggish tub and shower drains, signs you need professional drain unclogging, and how the pros safely restore flow.

Causes of Clogged Shower & Tub Drains

Several common issues contribute to reduced water flow from bathroom shower stalls, bathtubs, and standing tub showers:

Hair Buildup

Showers naturally wash hair down the drain, but strands get tangled and collect inside pipes. Soap and oils from hair products bind hair together into thicker obstructions.

Soap Scum

Most bathing soaps and shampoos contain chemical compounds that react with minerals in water to form a sticky, gluey film along drain interiors. This gunk traps other debris.

Bathing Oils and Skincare Products

Oils, moisturizing products, and other skincare rinse off bodies and coat drain pipes. These greasy residues accumulate over time.

Toiletries and Household Chemicals

Q-tips, fibers from loofahs, microplastics from bath puffs, and cleansing chemicals get flushed down and adhere to pipes.

Loose Pipe Joints

If slip-joint plumbing connections underneath sinks and tubs loosen over time, gunk can collect in pipe gaps. Rust flakes and mineral deposits from old pipes also break off and clog drains.

Professional tub and shower drain cleaning prevents gradual buildup of these clogging culprits.

Signs You Need Drain Unclogging

Watch for these signs of tub and shower drain clogs:

  •  Water drains noticeably slower and gurgles.
  •  Standing water pools for longer periods after bathing.
  •  Visible debris around drains such as hair clumps.
  •  Musty, unpleasant odors come from the drain.
  •  Patches of soap scum, mildew or mold around drains.

Complete clogging causes more urgent plumbing issues:

  •  Water does not drain out at all from shower or tub.
  •  Bathtub overflows or water rises close to rim.
  •  Water seeps into walls or ceiling below fixtures.
  •  Sewer gases emit from drain openings.

Don’t hesitate to call for professional shower drain unclogging service when you notice these problems.

Dangers of DIY Tub & Shower Drain Cleaning

Some homeowners try using liquid drain cleaners or hand snakes to clear simple bathroom clogs themselves. But this often proves ineffective and introduces safety hazards like:

Corrosive Chemicals Caustic drain cleaners containing lye or acids can leak dangerous fumes and even burn skin. Safer options like boiling water or baking soda often fail to clear significant obstructions.

Pipe Damage Attempting to manually extract hair and debris risks scratching or detaching drain pipes, especially fragile slip-joint connections.

Incomplete Clog Removal DIY drain cleaners provide temporary relief but don’t remove clogs fully. Slow drainage soon returns without fixing the underlying problem.

Overflow Flooding Using plungers or hand-crank snakes on severely clogged drains can push water backwards and cause overflows.

Protect your plumbing (and yourself) by hiring local professionals like Action Plumbing for tub and shower drain unclogging.

Why Hire Pros for Drain Clearing?

Commercial grade drain cleaning equipment and professional expertise provide the most thorough tub and shower drain cleaning. Reputable plumbers like Action Plumbing have key advantages:

Specialty Augers Powered rotating augers can propel through obstructions beyond reach of regular hand snakes. Spinning heads help extract stubborn hair and gunk.

High-Pressure Hydrojetters
Hydrojetters blast clogs away with pressurized water up to 5000 PSI. The intense water streams scour the full pipe surface.

Video Drain Inspection Tiny waterproof cameras check pipes for blockages and assess drainage system condition. Pinpointing clog locations enables precise clearing.

Advanced Diagnostics Professional plumbers determine the underlying cause of poor drainage based on pipe inspection. They remedy the specific problem accordingly.

Quality Equipment Commercial drain cleaners won’t damage pipes or facilities. Proper safety protocols also protect technicians.

Fast Emergency Service Reputable plumbing companies offer 24/7 emergency drain cleaning. You don’t wait days with an unusable shower or tub.

Service Warranties Many professional drain cleaners guarantee their work. If the clog returns shortly after, they’ll clear it again free of charge.

Hiring local experts like Action Plumbing means fast, lasting tub and shower drain unclogging without DIY risks.

Choose Action Plumbing for Drain Clearing in Endicott, NY

For over 15 years, Action Plumbing has served residential and commercial clients throughout Endicott, NY. Our fully licensed plumbers have the expertise to diagnose any tub or shower drain problem and the equipment to clear even severe clogs.

Here’s why Action Plumbing is the top choice for drain unclogging services in the Binghamton area:

  •  Highly trained and experienced local plumbers
  •  Provide 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services
  •  Use state-of-the-art drain cleaning methods and gear
  •  Thoroughly clear drains without damaging pipes
  •  Inspect drains to identify and target the specific cause
  •  Offer upfront pricing and estimates
  •  Positive reputation with hundreds of satisfied customers
  •  Preventative drain maintenance programs available

For the most complete tub and shower drain clearing services in Endicott, NY, call Action Plumbing. Our experts can restore full drainage and prevent future clogging of bathroom fixture drains. Contact us today at (607) 205-1177 to schedule!

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