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Sewer Line Clog Clearing: When to Call the Pros

Few plumbing issues are as disruptive in a home as a blocked sewer line. Sewage backing up into bathtubs, toilets overflowing, and foul odors permeating your house signal serious drainage problems underground. But attempting DIY sewer line repairs often makes matters worse.

For fast, effective sewer line clog clearing, trust the experts at Action Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Endicott, NY. Their professional-grade equipment and methods can clear blockages, inspect lines, and prevent future clogging. Here’s what to know about sewer line clog symptoms, causes, and professional unclogging services.

Signs of a Blocked Sewer Line

Watch for these common signs of a clogged sewer line on your property:

  •  Water drains much slower throughout the house.
  •  Toilets bubble, gurgle, or take longer to flush.
  •  Bathtubs and floor drains start to fill with sewage backflow.
  •  Lingering sewage odors inside and outside your home.
  •  Wet, dark patches appear in the yard along the sewer line.
  •  You hear gurgling noises coming from vents or drains.

A fully blocked sewer main typically causes sewage to back up from multiple fixtures at once. If you notice these issues, call for sewer line clog clearing right away before backup flooding can occur.

What Causes Clogged Sewer Lines?

Several culprits contribute to sewer line clogging:

Tree Roots

Invasive roots infiltrate and grow within underground sewer lines. Root masses eventually obstruct water flow.

Grease and Oil

Grease rinsed down drains solidifies in sewers. Food scraps then stick to the greasy residue, forming blockages.

Wipes and Debris

“Flushable” wipes, feminine products, diapers, and other solids get lodged in pipes.

Pipe Fractures and Collapses

Cracked drain pipes allow dirt, silt, and debris to settle inside over time.

Rust and Corrosion

Mineral deposits and rust flakes break free from aging pipes and collect together.

Bellies or Dips

Low points and dips along sewer pipes accumulate debris and promote clogs.

Professional sewer cleaning can prevent gradual buildup of these materials. Call sooner than later when you notice initial signs of a clog.

Dangers of DIY Sewer Line Cleaning

You may be tempted to rent a drain snake and try clearing the clog yourself. But sewer lines have risks that DIY equipment cannot handle:

  •  Harmful Gases: Sewer gases contain toxic hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ammonia.
  •  Exposure to Raw Sewage: Clogs can burst and spray raw sewage when disturbed.
  •  Line Collapse: Old clay or damaged PVC pipes may collapse if snaked too aggressively.
  •  Ineffective: Store-bought and rented snakes cannot match the power of professional sewer cleaning machinery.

Don’t risk the health hazards and plumbing damages - call trusted local sewer cleaning contractors like Action Plumbing!

Why Hire Pros for Sewer Line Clog Clearing?

With commercial grade equipment and specialized training, professional plumbers have the capabilities to handle sewer line clog removal that homeowners lack:

Powerful Machines
Industrial strength sewer snakes, hydrojetters, and root cutters make fast work of obstructions homeowners’ flimsy snakes cannot.

Pipe Inspections Camera scopes thoroughly inspect the interior pipes and identify any damages needing repair.

Advanced Diagnostics
Experts determine the exact source and type of clog based on camera findings. They customize the solution to the specific problem.

Safety Equipment
Professionals use protective gear when working in hazardous sewer environments to avoid exposure.

Swift Emergency Service Reputable plumbers offer 24/7 emergency sewer unclogging services. No waiting days for an appointment when your toilets overflow.

Trenchless Pipelining For damaged sewer lines, plumbers can install cured-in-place piping to replace the line without major excavation.

Don’t wait - call trusted sewer cleaning experts like Action Plumbing when signs of a clog arise.

Choose Action Plumbing for Sewer Line Clog Clearing

Trusted for over 15 years, Action Plumbing offers premier drain cleaning and pipelining services in Endicott, NY. Their master plumbers have extensive experience tackling all types of sewer line clogs using state-of-the-art methods and equipment.

Here’s why you can count on Action Plumbing for sewer unclogging services:

  •  Highly trained, licensed, and insured professionals
  •  Top-quality commercial drain cleaning equipment
  •  Available 24/7 for emergency sewer line clearing
  •  Thoroughly clean and inspect entire sewer lines
  •  Provide straightforward pricing and estimates
  •  Serve residential and commercial properties
  •  Positive reputation and hundreds of satisfied customers

Don’t wait with backed-up drains - call Action Plumbing for professional sewer line clog clearing. Our experts can solve the problem quickly and prevent future headaches. Contact us today at (607) 205-1177 to schedule sewer line unclogging!

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