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Is your air conditioner ready for peak summer heat? Scheduling an annual AC tune-up with Action Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is the best way to keep your system running efficiently and reliably all season long.

Benefits of an Annual AC Tune-Up

An annual tune-up by a qualified HVAC technician provides a range of important benefits:

  •  Maximize Efficiency - A well-tuned AC system can use up to 30% less electricity. This saves you money on energy bills.
  •  Extend Equipment Life - Routine maintenance prevents wear and tear to compressors, fans, coils and other components. This adds years to the AC unit's lifespan.
  •  Improve Air Quality - Changing filters, cleaning ducts and sanitizing parts reduces dust, allergens and bacteria circulating through your home.
  •  Enhance Comfort - Well maintained equipment provides even, consistent cooling without fluctuation or failure on hot days.
  •  Reduce Repair Costs - Potential problems get diagnosed early before causing major damage or breakdowns.
  •  Peace of Mind - Knowing your AC is ready for summer provides comfort and convenience.

What's Included in an AC Tune-Up

Action's certified HVAC technicians perform a 20-point tune-up process:

  •  Thorough Inspection - All internal and external components are checked for wear, corrosion and needed repairs.
  •  Clean Coils & Fins - Evaporator and condenser coils are brushed and rinsed to maintain proper airflow.
  •  Change Air Filter - The old filter is replaced with a new, clean filter to improve air quality.
  •  Check Refrigerant - Refrigerant levels are checked and topped off if necessary.
  •  Inspect Wiring - All electrical components and connections are checked for damage and tightness.
  •  Check Drainage - Drain lines are inspected for clogs to prevent condensate backups.
  •  Lubricate Moving Parts- Motors and fans are oiled to prevent friction and wear.
  •  Check Controls & Calibrations- Thermostats and control settings are adjusted for optimal performance.
  •  Verify Airflow- Proper airflow through vents is verified and adjusted as needed.
  •  Test Start & Operation - The AC is started up and run through all modes to confirm proper operation.
  •  Sanitize Surfaces - Surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  •  Educate Homeowner - Recommendations are provided to improve efficiency and comfort.

Annual AC Maintenance Schedule

The ideal time for your yearly air conditioner tune-up is early spring, before the peak of summer. This ensures any issues are diagnosed and corrected before you rely on the system daily.

Mid-to-late spring is typically less busy than summertime for HVAC companies, so it's easier to schedule service. Technicians also have more availability to thoroughly service your AC system without being rushed.

Action offers flexible scheduling for your annual appointment. Many homeowners choose to coincide AC maintenance with the change of seasons in spring and fall.

Professional AC Tune-Up

Our NATE-certified technicians utilize industry best practices for each maintenance task. Key aspects of our tune-up service include:

Diagnostics Testing

Our team uses advanced diagnostics to evaluate refrigerant charge, electric motors, capacitors, contactors and overall operating efficiency. This allows problems to be identified early before failure occurs.

Precision Calibration

Settings like refrigerant levels, air flow, temperature split, and controls are finely calibrated to factory specifications for peak performance.

Component Servicing

Internal components are cleaned, adjusted, lubricated and tested to extend the life of your AC system.

Duct Inspection

An inspection of your home's ductwork is performed to check for leaks, blockages and necessary cleaning.

System Optimization

Upgrades like new filters or thermostats may be recommended to maximize energy efficiency and air quality.

Complete Report

A detailed report with before-and-after performance readings, findings and recommendations will be provided.

Trust Your AC to the Experts

With over 25 years of HVAC experience, Action's technicians have the expertise, training and tools to optimize your air conditioner. We are available 24/7 and provide service plans, warranties, and financing options.

Contact Action Plumbing, Heating and Cooling at (607) 205-1177 to schedule your annual AC tune-up today! Investing in preventative maintenance ensures your comfort and avoids costly repairs this summer.

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