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Few issues are as frustrating as a clogged kitchen drain. Water backing up, strange odors wafting up, and even potential flooding can put your kitchen out of commission. But before you reach for the drain opener, consider calling in the professionals for kitchen drain clearing services.

Professional plumbers have the experience, tools, and techniques to thoroughly clear your clogged drains and prevent future problems. Keep reading to learn why you should hire pros like Action Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning for kitchen drain clearing in Endicott, NY, what causes clogged drains, and how the experts fix them.

Why Hire Professionals for Kitchen Drain Clearing?

DIY drain cleaning may seem like an easy, low-cost solution. But amateur repairs often make the clog worse or cause damage. Here are 4 key reasons to have your kitchen drains professionally cleared:

1. Proper Diagnosis

A major benefit of hiring professionals like Action Plumbing is proper diagnosis of the clog. Various issues like grease, soap scum, food waste, roots, or collapsed pipes can block kitchen drains. Trained plumbers have the expertise to pinpoint the exact cause and remedy it accordingly. Attempting to clear the drain yourself without understanding the root problem may only provide temporary relief or worsen the issue.

2. Adequate Equipment

Professional plumbers utilize heavy-duty gear like high-powered augers, hydrojetters, and camera scopes to thoroughly clear blockages that DIY chemical drain cleaners cannot. Their commercial-grade snake can reach deep into pipe blockages and penetrate stubborn clogs that sink plungers cannot. Camera scopes also enable precise drain inspection to identify and resolve the clog. Lacking this professional equipment means your DIY efforts will likely fail.

3. Prevent Pipe Damage

Amateur snaking attempts can scratch or puncture pipe walls, whereas professionals expertly maneuver their augers without harming your plumbing. Attempting to dig out the clog manually via the drain or point of access below the sink also risks damaging your plumbing system. Hire local Endicott NY experts like Action Plumbing to clear drains safely.

4. Avoid Injury & Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

Drain cleaning requires handling harsh chemicals and operating dangerous mechanical equipment - best left to trained professionals with proper protective gear. Caustic store-bought drain cleaners and fumes can burn skin and eyes or cause other injuries. Improperly using a rented snake risks cuts and electric shocks. The safest solution for your home and health is to hire experts for kitchen drain unclogging.

What Causes Clogged Kitchen Drains?

To prevent future clogs after your drains are cleared, it helps to understand what causes kitchen drain blockages in the first place. Some common causes include:

Grease Buildup

Grease, fats, and cooking oils poured down the kitchen drain accumulate over time and coagulate into thick blockages. Grease sticks to pipe walls and catches food particles and other debris flowing through the drains, eventually plugging them up entirely. Commercial sink drain clogs in restaurant kitchens typically stem from grease buildup.

Food Waste & Organic Matter

Food scraps like coffee grounds, eggshells, and vegetable peels quickly turn into soggy messes that clog drain lines. Allowing the garbage disposal to process large volumes of food waste overwhelms kitchen plumbing. Over time, this debris accumulates and forms impassable blockages.

Soap Scum & Toiletries

Soap scum and gunk from hair, skin cells, cotton swabs, and other bathroom products stick to drain pipes and restrict water flow. Kitchen sinks often connect to bathroom drain lines, so these greasy residues wash into the kitchen plumbing.

Tree Roots

Invasive tree roots infiltrate exterior sewer lines and grow into thick root balls that plug drain pipes. Kitchen drains that connect to main sewer lines are especially vulnerable. Root cutting and sewer line repair or replacement is needed in these cases.

Rust & Corrosion

Minerals in water react with steel or iron pipes, causing corrosion and rust. Flakes of rust break free and clog the narrow pipes. Rust buildup gradually reduces the interior diameter of aging drain pipes as well, impeding drainage over time.

Collapsed Pipes

Settling foundation, ground shifts, age, and extreme weather events can cause pipes to buckle, sag, or collapse. The deformed pipe and debris then lodge together and totally block water flow. Collapsed drain pipes require professional repair or replacement.

How Do Professionals Clear Kitchen Drains?

Now that you know what causes clogged kitchen drains, let’s look at how professional plumbers like Action Plumbing in Endicott, NY expertly clear them. The specific methods utilized will depend on an accurate diagnosis, but may include:

Powerful Augers (Drain Snakes)

Specialty plumbers’ snakes are the go-to tool for dislodging sink, tub, and other small drain clogs. The coiled metal cable feeds down the pipe, forcibly scraping against pipe walls and propelling itself further through the blockage to push through and extract it. Advanced plastic-coated augers help minimize risk of pipe damage compared to standard metal cables.


Hydrojet drain cleaning machines blast a highly pressurized stream of water through the line to scour and disintegrate the blockage. The forceful water pressure propels the debris down the pipes out of the drain system. Hydrojetting is especially effective on grease clogs and long sewer line blockages.

Hand Rodding

Hand rodding manually pushes a fibreglass rod through the drain line to loosen the clog, break it up, and flush it away. This simple mechanical clearing method requires no machinery. Hand rods with angled tips or brushes work well for bathroom sink and tub drains.

Drain Cameras & Locators

High-tech drain cameras provide plumbers with a close-up view inside pipes to inspect the clog and verify thorough clearing. Underground utility locators also help identify exterior drain line locations to facilitate necessary excavations or repairs.

Chemical Treatment

Caustic chemical cleaners break down organics and dissolve some obstructions when applied correctly. However, harsh drain chemicals alone are rarely adequate for fully clearing out a clogged drain line. Professionals may apply chemicals judiciously along with mechanical drain clearing methods.

Pipe Repairs & Drain Line Replacement

For chronic drain backups or collapsed and damaged drain lines, a full pipe repair, replacement, or re-routing may be necessary. Professionals have the resources, skills, and permits to properly replace drain pipes through excavation and install new efficient plumbing.

By utilizing these methods and specialized tools, skilled plumbers can eliminate drain clogs and restore full water flow. Contact respected local drain cleaning specialists like Action Plumbing when you notice gurgling sink drains, overflowing water, or foul odors coming from kitchen drains in your Endicott, NY home or business.

Why Choose Action Plumbing for Kitchen Drain Clearing in Endicott, NY?

For over 17 years, Action Plumbing has provided premier plumbing services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Endicott, NY region. Their professional drain cleaning experts can swiftly diagnose your clogged kitchen drain issue and clear the blockage fully without damaging your plumbing system.

Here are just a few reasons to trust Action Plumbing for kitchen drain clearing:

  •  Highly trained, licensed, and experienced plumbers
  •  Top-quality drain cleaning equipment and technology
  •  Available 24/7 for emergency drain cleaning
  •  Provide straightforward pricing and upfront estimates
  •  Thoroughly clean drains without harming pipes
  •  Offer warranties on drain clearing work
  •  Preventative maintenance programs available
  •  Positive reputation and hundreds of satisfied customers

Don't Let Clogged Drains Slow You Down!

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